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Turkey Murder

Sarah Palin got flak for killing all them Turkeys. Recently I had a bit of an experience of my own.


Happy day.

Day 8: Vegivore-urism, and unwanted sexual advances

I always thought it was weird that you hard carnivores, and vegetarians don’t have any sort of “vore” attached to them. I guess part of that is because most vegetarians are actually omnivores. I’ve noticed that several people who are vegetarians actually eat several different kinds of meat. Usually just fish, and sometimes fish and […]

Day 4: Meatpushers

I’ve noticed that there’s meat hiding in more things than you’ld originally think. While having dinner with my mom some rather tasty looking soup arrived free of charge from the guy behind the counter at Daphnes who clearly reads my blog and was trying to trick me into eating chicken. I still haven’t butchered any […]