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Day 22: Premature Mastication

Freakin meatpushers trick me into consuming animalflesh! […]

Day 13: Blood in the Water

It all started to come together on Thursday, I received an email from Vegitarian Extrodinare/Fishing Master/Guide/Programmer Neil. He indicated that not only should we go fishing this weekend, but we should go SPEARFISHING. I thought this was, obviously, a brilliant idea and I found out from him what it would take to make spears. After […]

Vegetarian Day One

I have now gone for 24 hours without consuming the flesh of an animal. This isn’t a particularly amazing feat as, hell, I’ve gone for several days without eating anything but snickers bars, and those aren’t even made from anything terrestrial. For my meals today I had lots of salad, fruit, veggies and some french […]

The Journey Begins

An examination of the journey to follow. […]