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Day 29: Weak Crab Knock

I do battle with a crab using a cutting board, butter, garlic, my fists and a giant knife. Just the way god intended. […]

Day 22: Premature Mastication

Freakin meatpushers trick me into consuming animalflesh! […]

Day 13: Blood in the Water

It all started to come together on Thursday, I received an email from Vegitarian Extrodinare/Fishing Master/Guide/Programmer Neil. He indicated that not only should we go fishing this weekend, but we should go SPEARFISHING. I thought this was, obviously, a brilliant idea and I found out from him what it would take to make spears. After […]

Day 8: Vegivore-urism, and unwanted sexual advances

I always thought it was weird that you hard carnivores, and vegetarians don’t have any sort of “vore” attached to them. I guess part of that is because most vegetarians are actually omnivores. I’ve noticed that several people who are vegetarians actually eat several different kinds of meat. Usually just fish, and sometimes fish and […]