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Day 22: Premature Mastication

I will give a longer and more in-depth post in the next few days with the further consumables but as a quick aside I wanted to mark my first big fuckup!  While hanging out with friends over the weekend I almost consumed sausage on a pizza (but avoided… Damn Meatpushers!), but then today while poking through the fridge I found some amazing greek food that was left over from when my mom, cousin and I had a VEGITARIAN FEAST.  As I chewed my way through some sort of filo-dough and spinach I hit something chewing and delicious that at first gnaw I suspected of being eggplant.  No sooner had I swallowed however than I realized I had consumbed the most tasty of greek flesh… LAMB!

I feel betrayed, my cousin snuck her lamb infested goodies in with my veggie surprise and now I feel as though I’ve betrayed my morality (though, not really all that much).  Though I somewhat feel obligated to move up butchering a lamb on my list.

That said, here’s a teaser of the post to come:

My antics, via Youtube

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