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The Journey Begins

I’m going to take this opportunity to explain the point of this blog, and the mission I’m going to undertake here.  It’s mostly for a bit of personal vindication but I figured there might be people out there interested in my ‘journey’ that I plan on undertaking here.

The plan itself is fairly simple.  Starting today, Monday May 25th at 12:55AM.  I’m a vegetarian.

While to many people this alone might not seem like that much of an undertaking, let me first explain, and then minorly horrify you.  I’ve spent all my life being a hearty red meat eater.  At 6’7″ and close to 300 pounds, playing sports all my life, I’ve eaten every form of deep friend, burrito wrapped, butter covered, bacon flavored delicious piece of animal flesh I could wrap my grease stained lips around.  And to be honest, outside of the chest pains, heavy breathing and high blood pressure I’ve loved every minute of it.  I feel as though I embody a “red meat eating american” in every sense of the word, and that’s why this journey is going to be particularly hard for me.  Because even though as of today I’m a vegetarian.  I really don’t want to be.

My “theory” which I’m planning to put to the test here, is a fairly simple one.  Most people don’t care what they eat because by the time it gets to them it appears in a processed, hardly identifiable form.  Ground beef doesn’t look even vaguely like a cow, and a giant turkey leg, while amazing tasting, doesn’t require any amount of moral questioning before you dig in.  So before I eat another bite of meat, I’ve decided to earn my stripes and eat my way up through the food chain.  I’m going to put my personal sense of ethics and morals to the test by trying to kill everything in my path and devour it.

Maybe I should explain that a little more.

I’m not eating any more animal until I’ve killed that kind of animal, and eaten the animal that I’ve killed.  While that sounds somewhat brutal I want to be sure that before I actually continue eating meat, I’m ok with swinging the axe/pulling the trigger/choking the chicken and watching the life go out of the creature’s eyes before lighting it on fire and consuming it.  If I can, I’ll add it back onto the list of food I can eat, and if I can’t… it stays off the list until I can.  I have some ideas on how far I’ll be able to go but who knows, maybe I’ll surprise myself.

I was debating even taking fruits and vegetables off the list too, until I grew them myself, but this isn’t really about the hunt/ability to produce food, it’s about having the moral flexability to extinguish life and enjoy it’s bounty.  So bring on the lettuce while I figure out how to go fishing.

As a note, my OFFICIAL start date is June 1st.  I’m going to do my best to avoid animal products but not be too much of a stickler about finding out if something has an egg in it.  After June 1th though, I’m going to stick to my guns as hard as I possibly can.

Wish me luck!  I’m going to need it.  Photos and more shenanigans to follow.

Current Devourable Animals: None

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